Fiction, Drama, 1995

35mm 104min b/w
Director: Aivars Freimanis
Screenplay: Aivars Freimanis
Photography: Viktors Gribermans
Editing: Liene Balina
Music: Rolands Kalnins
Sound: Aivars Znotins
Design: Aivars Freimanis
Cast: Dace Bopnate, Rezija Kalnina, Valdis Lurins, Leonids Locenieks
Production studio: TRIS


The story about a forester's family. Gatis (Valdis Lurins) moves from the town to a forest reserve with his wife Mara (Dace Bonate) and three children. They are allowed to live in an old uninhabited house, and soon it becomes their home - their "nest". Unexpectedly the former owner of the house (who as a national resistance fighter left his homeland during the war) arrives from Canada to claim it back. But after meeting the family who lives there, and seeing how important the house has become to them, he renounces his rights to it, and is going to return to his home in exhile. But before it, he finds his old war buddies and his first love, who, as it turns out, has betrayed him in those distant times.
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