Fiction, Criminal drama, 1987
Arvids Krievs
Psychological criminal drama, based on the novel by Andris Kolbergs. The action takes place in Latvia at the end of 80ies. In the yard of a big block house photographer Dimda is shot dead. Dimda used to live there in a communal flat. The investigation of a murder becomes also a psychological exploration. Attention focuses on several people, also the neighbour of the dead photographer - Karlis, who has returned as an invalid from war in Afganistan. Gradually it turns out that Dimda's way of living caused him moral suffering. Especially after the young teacher Judite, once Karlis' love, appeared. Her relations with her husband are very complicated. Karlis makes confession in murder, but it does not satisfy the detective, and he keeps looking for the gun...
Visually very expressive picture, whose integral and effective component is Martin Braun's music.
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