Working title:
The Creation of a World
Documentary, Length: 52', Format: Digital Beta
Script, Director, Camera
Liga Pipare
Project coordinator
Anna Apsite Mobile: +371 6388760
Baiba Urbane
In one of the rooms of the once lively but now deserted Riga Film Studio a group of enthusiastic people creates a world. They enliven this world by nice creatures who move people's hearts whatever their age or nationality. The funny language they speak is understandable to everybody. And it does not matter that they are made of wire and latex; they are quite alive because their makers give life to them.
A puppet animation studio. The studio where these funny creatures are made and animated. Everything here is handwork. Have you ever been to such a place? Everybody - a child or a grown-up - who enters the studio cannot help smiling and looking around in surprise. You see that someone is carrying a blue sky with white clouds. You see a horse as small as a palm, little houses, churches, trees and streets, cows and cats. Puppets are everywhere: all the shelves and tables are full of puppets! Dressed in costumes of different epochs they are standing or sitting in little chairs and looking at you. Wait for a moment, and this motionless world of puppets will come to life: the puppets will move, speak, dance and make jokes. Their creators, those grown-up people, some of them wear beards and glasses, will not discuss political topics or tell sophisticated things, they will play and make a little world, the one of their own. This world brings us joy and good humour.
The puppet animations by the puppet studio "Animation Brigade" or simply "AB Studio" are known and liked not only in Latvia but also abroad. At the moment "AB Studio" team is preparing their new project of a full-length animation The Three Musketeers by Dumas' world-known novel. The popular and so widely exploited in the world of art subject is experiencing its reincarnation into a puppet animation for the first time. The work of the crew is extremely labour-consuming: the puppet-makers have to make Louvers halls, harpsichords, gilded pens, horses, twenty pendants and of course the musketeers.
We consider that this is a very good moment to start a documentary story parallel with The Three Musketeers to give the spectators the possibility to see how a puppet animation film is being made from "the inside". The audience will get a chance to follow the making of The Three Musketeers from synchronizing (yes, puppet animations start with synchronizing, when actors say the text or sing, while the puppets who will open the mouth are not made yet) till the first screening.
However we are not going to confine ourselves to a 'behind the scenes documentary'. Undoubtedly the process of making a puppet animation is very interesting and exciting. Our aim is to try to catch the very moment of anima 'tion, giving the soul. Of course, we will see that phenomenon owes to a great extent to laborious work and some special devices. Yet it will not be possible without the great love and devotedness of the team. Behind a puppet we can feel the good hands and kind heart of its maker.

Photo by
Liga Pipare
Production Company
Gilde film studio
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