Torsion Fields

In production
Betacam SP
52 min

Scriptwritter and director
Romualds Pipars

Baiba Urbane

Gilde film studio
Amatu iela 5,
LV 1941, Riga, Latvia
Tel./Fax: +371 7210022,
Mobile: +371 9508441

In an entertaining and easily understandable way the documentary will tell about a yet not fully investigated branch of science on the use of energy that is everywhere around us but that interacts with the environment according to special principles of its own. In a way it reminds the electricity transformer invented by Nicola Tesla. The scientists have called these phenomena as “Torsion Fields”.

What is the contribution of the scientists from Latvia in these investigations?
What is the practical application of the inventions?
Is the law on conservation of energy still true?
Is the equipment designed for the use of the Torsion fields a real perpetual engine?

The film will give answers to these questions and put more, giving the view of the scientists of today.

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