The Houses on the Roadside
Documentary, Betacam SP, colour, 26 min., 2000
Aija Bley
Andris Prieditis
Aigars Galejs
Raimonds Spakovskis
Elvita Ruka-Birzule
Production Company
Vides filmu studija
The film directed by Aija Bley is part of the series called "Travellers in Time". It is a documentary reflecting the undiscovered Latvia. The film is an expressive, original work with a meditative and highly emotional tone. The action of the film takes place while passing by the villages of Latgale. The houses here are on the
edge of the roadside, but only a few have ever entered this world from the outside. The people are open and sincere if you approach them with an open heart. But the uniqueness of their lives is an undiscovered secret. The film crew visited about 20 houses in Tiskadi, Poromonovka, Silmale and listened to stories of
life and death, sang along with them but remained silent when facing sorrow. As a result of this "human interference", a film has been created about the world of solitude and indescribable vitality of the people living in the Old Believers’ villages in Latgale.
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