Secrets of Stone Mazes
Akmens labirintu noslepumi
A colour documentary film 1990, 35 mm, 20 min.
Script: Jevgenijs Margolins, Romualds Pipars
Director: Romualds Pipars
Assistant of director:
Kristians Luhaers
Director of photography:
Olegs Kotovics
Executive producer:
Baiba Urbane, Ilga Vitola

Who built the Stonehenge? Maybe the same person who helped to build the famous pyramids of Egypt. Also in Solovec islands, Crime, Carnack, Bretan, Easter islands, Mexico and USA approximately at the same time i.e. 5000 BC somebody has made stone labyrinths, the secret of what has not been solved up till these days. Have they been sun, moon and star calendars or the places of cult or stone letters from some other civilization. We do not have a clear answer. Also in Latvia there are tens of similar structures. Maybe all of these establishments are made by the same author. This film searches a new solution to this problem.

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