Ivars Seleckis
idea, director, photography
Andris Vanadzins narrative
Maija Selecka editing
Ivars Vigners music
Viktors Licovs
Romans Purins sound
Aivars Dambekalns
Lilija Berzina asistants
Ruta Frijare editor
Leonids Berzins producer
Agris Drevins driver
Color documentary film, 35 mm, duration: 38 min., 1996
The film "Salty Life" takes us to the Kurzemes coast of Latvian and presents its people. For 50 years, this coastline used to be the western border of the Soviet empire; the villages were barred from the sea by a barbed-wire fence, and the people were denied their primary occupation - fishing. The seaside fishing communities disintegrated.
"Salty Life" is a story of home-coming. Of men and women coming back to the ancient trade of their forfathers - fishing. Of the hope coming back, that there will be work, and daily bread, and life on this shore again.
The author of this film wish fulfillment of this hope to its heroes: Oskars Kadegis, Biruta and Vilnis Ciprins, Mirdza and Janis Tiligis, as well as all others people of Nida, Pape, and Jurmalciems.

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