Born:            March3,1965

Has graduated from the Television Department Of the

Latvian Music Academv, 1992

He is engaged in the production of videoart and commercials

Dainis Klava
Dainis Kļava
Director of photography
office 371 7210908
Fax    371 7210908
1990 "HOMOA" videoart, Grand Prix at French Baltie Videoart 1991 "LEVITATION"35mm, documentarv about the old fashion trams
1991        LA RONDE DE PARIS Betacam SP
1992        HOMO-FIREFISH Betacam SP
1992        THE NAIVISTS Betacam SP, documentarv about the naive painters.Best documentary Award in Latvia
1993        GRAVITATION, 35 mm
1993 THE SCAFFOLD, Betacam SP
1993 - 1996 camerman and film director of TV programms and documentarv movies, director of comercials . - Home
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