Riga International Film Forum “Arsenals”

The 16th IFF “Arsenals” (2000)

The 16th IFF “Arsenals” took place in Riga, from September 16th to 24th, 2000.

It was dedicated to three big giants of the cinema:

the great Spanish director Luis Bunuel,
the Latvian film director Juris Podnieks and
the Armenian – Georgian genius Sergey Paradjanov.

Commemorating the surrealistic film history of Bunuel, a program of classical surrealistic movies called “Infirmary of Surrealism” was shown. “Chinese Dialects” was the “hottest” program of the festival – it contained the best films from China, Taiwan Hong Kong made within the past two years. For admirers of a more moderate climate – the modern British film program “Currants in a Pudding” was included. The festival also offered retrospective insight into the best films by Arturo Ripstein, Victor Coy, Juris Podnieks, as well as into the best films by Deep Mehta and Joao Cesar Monteiro.

In the year 2000, a total of 246 films from 49 countries were screened during 9 days of the festival.
Around 80 guests from all around the world were welcomed in Riga for the festival.